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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:             Who can join JavaJargon LLC?

  • Any female business owner can join a JJ gathering. Our purpose is to support each other and intentionally refer each other’s businesses. We gather to connect, share, serve, and grow.

Q:             Can I attend a gathering before I join?

  • YES! We will encourage you to attend a JavaJargon gathering before you join. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with the group and that the content will be beneficial to you and your business!

Q:             How many times can I attend as a visitor?

  • You can attend a JavaJargon gathering twice as a visitor. After that, we ask that you join the membership! Each group is only as strong and fruitful as its counterparts, so attendance is essential!

Q:             What should I bring when I visit a JavaJargon gathering?

  • Business cards….and plenty of them! During the networking phase of the gathering, you will have an opportunity to meet with other business owners from the group and pass out cards.

Q:             How often does JavaJargon meet?

  • We meet currently once a month. See “Events” on website for locations!

Q:             Am I expected to attend every meeting?

  • Yes, We sure hope you will! Your team is counting on you! It’s important that members get to know, like, and trust you for referrals. It’s difficult to build relationships if you are not present. Besides, you’ll definitely miss the fun if you miss a gathering or a social! If you have to miss a meeting; send a replacement. They will represent you first; then themselves.

Q:             How much does a membership cost?

  • We prefer to think of it as an investment in your business; an investment that guarantees:
  • Increased exposure to other people and businesses
  • Substantially increased referrals
  • Annual business conference
  • A personal sales force for you of 20+ members!
  • Please visit our web page at for more details!
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