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TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

Nobody can “do it alone”, and as we move into the twenty first century we witness how technology has enabled us to work remotely and spend less time in face-to-face interaction. That is truly bittersweet, as we LoVe having the ability to work from anywhere, yet we NEED to spend time interacting with others to see our businesses grow. When I started my own business two years ago, I was ecstatic about having a flexible schedule and performing at my own demand! I was in La-La Land! YET, I missed the day-to-day interaction and conversation with real live humans, and the support and fulfillment of conversing about topics applicable to my own personal growth. I needed the support of other women.

Eighteen months ago, JavaJargon, LLC was born. Every single time our ladies gather I am reminded that we desperately need each other. For support. To connect. For sharing. For caring. For uplifting. To uphold each other. For love. As women, we wear a variety of hats; from business owners, to moms, wives, daughters, caregivers, domestic managers, cooks, car pooling divas, friends, sisters, counselors, and so on. We need the support of other women who understand our unique yearnings and are able to fulfill them.

At JavaJargon, we believe networking is important, but equally important is our goal to reach out to each other and support one another. Whatever it takes. Whenever it’s needed. However and wherever it happens.

I’m so glad to be a part of such an amazing group of ladies. There’s always room for one more. Please come and be a part!



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