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Exactly what is networking, and WHY do we need to do it?? According to Webster,  networking is defined as, “interaction with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.” That’s it? Well, no big deal then, right?! We all exchange information on a regular basis, so why do we need a networking group? Because networking is an art, and not everyone is a “natural-born networker.” Hmmm…good food for thought!

Let’s talk about the art of networking, and why EVERYBODY needs it! If you’re in business for yourself, how often have you given a potential client your card, and they call you the next day for business? If you’re honest, you’ll say that hardly ever happens. Well, why not? You exchanged your information! You spoke to the person. Why won’t they call you for business?? The truth is…they don’t know you. Yes, that’s right, they do NOT know you! You simply exchanged information; you did not build a relationship with them.

The art of networking requires building a relationship with another person. Getting someone’s information does NOT bring you any closer to knowing them. There must be specific, quality interaction between the two, and on a regular basis. When we know someone intimately, referrals happen naturally.

Our JavaJargon, LLC networking group specializes in bringing community together and we begin with education. It’s imperative that we learn a variety of strategies to network, because not any one strategy will be effective with every single relationship. We all have very different and unique personalities!

So come along for the ride on our networking train, and see the difference it will make in the growth of your business!

Networking WORKS, so we keep coming back!


Cheryl Flores, Founder and Director

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